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Your next bike...


I used to own some shit!
Just killing some time here...

I am already thinking about starting another bike the second this one is done.

I am torn between a Road King and a Road Glide, either would have at least a 26", and would probably be chormed out since my current bike is getting mostly blacked out. I am not sure if I'll actually do it, but it's fun to dream!

You guys have some pretty damn nice bikes on here, what will your next one be???


I used to own some shit!
I think I would be giving the Down And Out bags a try, and maybe a 30" if they come down in price a little.


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30" road glide. Don't know alot of the details, just like you said thoughts & dreams. For sure air front & back. Big hp


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I would like to see a king, seems like there are not many tricked out more of a classic look in most cases.Look at any big name builders 95% street and road glides few kings. If I would do it ,it would be a king.


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If you already have a fairing bike, why have 2 IMO, I kinda miss no radio and nothing out front.


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Not sure but it'll be one of these 3:

Softail deluxe. 16" apes, 23 or 26 wheel, fishtails...slammed to the ground.

Night train, built similar


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King for sure with down and outs, fish tails, 23" smooth lip twista from ride wright and white walls. Gangsta all the way!


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Probably going to do another bobber, and more or less an Exile clone. I love Russ' bikes, they are just fkn' sexy. I had plans on doing a boardtrack racer from the ground up, but I want something else I can ride and Im to big for a boardtrack bike.


Roadglide or ultra with trailer hitch and a pull behind camper are next bike plans. Currently looking now.

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Deluxe old school style!


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turning my heritage into a bagger. fairing factory extended bags, custom one off rear fender, fairing factory lids with focal speakers and an arc amp. extend my vance and hines long shots to stick out past bags and fender. already have 16" apes, fatboy front fender and windvest windshield.

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I would do a another batwing. but i am kinda leaning towards a roadglyde long as its done rite. sometimes i like them other time i think there uglier than shit. but id have a 26 wheel down and out fender and saddlebags with 3 exaust ports out the side of bags. air ride front and back.rwd cruiser front fender probly.


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My next harley will be another Road Glide, 26 or 30" but I will not go buy a brand new bike and cut it up again. Ill save some cash and buy a good 09 or newer and tear down to the frame and go wild with it.

In the mean time, after I finish my current RG, I would like to build a sick street legal supermoto bike