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Yaffe rake kit!


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For all you guys who have installed it! Does the kit provide a template to show where you cut the stock neck off? And how do you square it up. Ive seen the hhi you tube video on how to install and keep it square with the rod through the steering stem . I was just wondering how the yaffe block can keep a tight tolerance and reference for head square? Thanks you guys. awesome website. I got my 26" on order and cant wait to get it done before spring.


its very straight forward, just don't weld on one side too much lol... little on each side and keep a eye on it - we check it a few times during welding to make sure it didn't start pulling to one side.


Slothy.....you say you check it a few times....do you have a way of visually checking this? Like the HHI YouTube video ? Any help would be appreciated

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