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WTB: Road Glide fairing bracket


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Looking for the main support bracket and turn signal support brackets (w/o turn signals) from a 2010+ Road Glide. Wanting to change the fairing angle of my 06 RG to the new angle.


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I had in my mind that when you chopped a Road Glide that the fairing hardware had to be changed. Not So? Anyway thats why I thought someone here may have one.


I used to own some shit!
Slothy or AFKustoms might have one. Really all the Vendors could have one laying around.

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only extra one i have for fixed angle for rake and raised fairing up 1" which im not using (was used for designing in shanes bracket) - needs a little bit of grinding on lower arm to give the clearance on the lower tree) - its for yaffe neck - its yours if you want it assuming shane doesnt mind - pay shipping its yours.

as for a stock one - if shane @ afkustoms still has my stock one and isnt using it for anything, you are more welcome to have it. Contact him. it was for a 2011 RG
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