whos going to street vibrations in reno?

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Not me! I was there last year when the shoot-out occured in Sparks and still there when there was a drive-by the next day. I love bikes but I am too mature to get caught up in the mindless BS that the 1% clubbers like to emulate. I was there with my girlfriend and across the street when the shooting started. Bullets do no care where they go.

I prefer Cave Creek at the Hideaway during Arizona Bike Week ;fun and safe.

Good Luck!


just got back and was a blast,no issues at all.saw some great looking bikes and some (.)(.) in virginia city :)

only bad was a bad accident on plumb lane as we left are hotel,a truck ran the red light and a rider t boned him.was a bad accident and the rider passed.sending prayers there way to the family.
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