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Who started it all??


Just wondering since their are so many builders out there now

who was the first for rake and stretched nacelles?

What about tank overlays?

What about busa fronts and Kawi636 lights?

Raked fairings?

Just wondering who came up with the style and who followed

Inquiring minds want to know.....




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I believe Ballistic was and is a trend setter. Easy rider show a year go they came out with that beautiful 30" Bagger.


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I bought my bike in 08 and who I was paying attention to at the times was klock werks. They aren't really cutting edge and haven't went with the trends but they really were playing around with custom Baggers early.


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I can remember the millwaukee baggers bikes for sale on ebay. 21" wheel stretched bags and fender and I remember liking them, just not sure if i would ever buy one. fast forward 5-6 years and look what happened
Built my first bagger in 2002, NESS was the only bag extensions available... I would say he has been doing it all for a very long time!

I would say no "one" builder did it all, but a few of these trends were because of some of the older builders who crossed over and built bagger style bikes

PS, Slothy, dude that is super hilarious! Prince was doing it in the 80's!


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unfortunately, detroit baggers has been accused of copying john's work. (john shope, sinister ind.)

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I heard the same thing about ONE of their fenders....And something about Detroit Choppers too!
But I dont care I make my own shit!

On another note that Prince shit is f***$$$ funny!!


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Could have been bud I just saw it on the old famous FB bahahaha...What color u wind up painting your scoot?


wfo it was detroit choppers coping bad dads and shopes stuff, thats what shope was on a warpath about.

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