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What's everyone's age?


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Wondering what everyone's age is? Seems like the bigger wheels are growing on basically all ages. I'm 28 I know There are a few other guys on here younger


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Wow..I must be grandpa. 54 and loving it. Remember it's just a number I surely feel and do more things then my younger mates


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Good stuff! I'm not too far behind...

Bruddah, I was just talkin to my wife about aches and pains and our overall health. We came to a conclusion that once we hit 40.....damn!
I was riding Dirt bike MX and that was getting rough on the body. I figured I would hit the trails and after a few years of that found out pulling 200 lbs. of metal and plastic up wet muddy trails was bad for the back. It's funny how the progression goes. Now we paddle board for exercise. Problem is I paddle for 1 hour and drink beer on the beach for four hours! Sh*t I still think I can put on the running shoes and go 5 miles easy. Nooo can.



One of THE 150!
I'm 54. When I first saw this thread, I thought I would of been the oldest...glad to see we have other gramps here!