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whats every body running for windshields?


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just wondering how many of you have tried different winshields? what you like. didnt like. we run windvests on all my buddys shop bikes and love them. i also bought one for my father in law 2 years ago and he traded his bike in and made them put it on his new ultra.


I was happy with my lrs ultra 7" ( I think it was 7) on my sg. On rg gonna try stock since the fairing was raised up I can barely se over it lol.

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I ran a short HD wind splitter before raking it. Not sure what I am going to use now. Gonna see what happens this spring.


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one of the nice things about the winvest is they actually perform as if they are 4 inches taller than they really are because they have a flip at the top. so you can get the look of a shorter windshield but still functional.

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I run a 6 and a 1/2 dark smoke klock works. i like it but if you are a tall guy. you might want to do 8 and 1/2 cuz the short one the wind hits you in the forhead.


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I am going to run the sinister wicked road glide shield but I may switch it to the smooth bastard after bike week.


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I went from a 6.5 klock to 8.5 black klock. The extra wind protection was nice and still looks decent. One big problem I never thought of, it is tall enough and dark(black) that is distorted my view. Threw me off for a while til I got used to it. I am 6ft tall and have a badlander seat. May be ok for someone my height with a stock seat, but I am looking to change again.....sinisters new boltless windshield looks awesome but big bucks before it gets painted and on.


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Wow....I have the Klock in 8.5, but it is smoked...and it works PERFECT. I have a very thin LePera seat and am 6'2 with a 36 inseam. I LOVE it.



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Here's mine.
The bright areas are under the faring. They are about 1" taller than the windshield bags in the middle, however tall that is.