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what year baggers


One of THE 150!
I rida a 2010 FLHX



One of THE 150!
street glide.jpg2006 glide.jpgCopy of dad & dev.jpg
THIS THREAD IS WORTHLESS WITHOUT PICS....... Come on Buggy:very_drunk:

found some , dad n my kid on his king with my old wheel (got it off my black sg before it went to junkyard) then silver one was last project,but had to get the new chassis, startin all over again.

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
My last ride was an 02 King.

New ride is a 2012 FLHX. Woods 555's SE heavy breather, Sinister Up Yours exhaust, Trike Trees, 18rear/23 front, Roland Sands bars being done right now.

This is a before pic. I've got a little work to do before I can get it out of the garage and take current pics. Waiting on the Trike fairing skirt to come in.
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