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What floorboards are you running?


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Thinking about buying a set of banana boards or something else that will look better and give me some more leg room. Like most of us I have took off the crash bar and at 6'2 I'm cramped.


I used to own some shit!
This thread would be even better with pics!

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Have you checked out the offering's from forum sponsors Kewl Metal?

Might be worth a peak or just give Big Joe a call if your looking for something unique.


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I went with the Performance Machine boards, brake/shift levers, etc last year while in Daytona for Bike Week. Look great but they are ca$hy!


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i ran the 19" black banana boards in black with no rivets. they look sweet and are comfortable and used pm foot controls and they look sweet. native bagger sells the whole kit, and banana boards are a lot cheaper then everyone else's boards


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Ha........I want the whole collection also. Bad thing is I have already bought a Carl Brouhard derby cover and grips. Guess I will just keep the grips, sell the derby cover and start buying the Precision Billet parts.

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