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What else can we do to spread the word about ChoppedBaggers.com???


I used to own some shit!
This is what we have so far.

-The initial Facebook boom "I think a re-notification by everyone would help even more."

-Shirts, decals on the way.

-We are piggy-backed on the Kewl Metal ad in four magazines. "starting with the March issue of American Bagger, V-Twin, American Iron, and Road Bike."

-Good ole fashioned word of mouth, please help continue this.

-I have 2500 business cards on the way that I am going to use to run a free swag contest.

Basically I am looking for new ideas that don't cost much if anything.

What are your ideas? Obviously the best form of advertising is YOU!!!

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One of THE 150!
It's going to take a little while to build, kind of like Rome. I don't know what I can do, but when I go to Daytona I will definetly be spreading the word.


I used to own some shit!
Great! If everyone gets two that's 500 more users!

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