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what do you guys do for a living?


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what does everyone do for a living? job, company owner, hit the lottery? lol

landscape/lawn service/snow removal company owner here.......

havent had much to do since it doesnt snow in michigan anymore lol


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Construction pipe foreman run heavy equipment this time of year cause its to cold or work in the equipment shop


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I haul gas for kwik trip a convienece store chain that is in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


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Been a tile setter since 86. Tried to get out of it a few times cause its just so hard on your body. I was a private investigator for a few years. Best job I ever had but the hours and money sucked.


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Interesting. TJNAF?

aerospace systems engineer here - directed energy pointing and tracking systems

I work with Linear Accelerators used in Radiation Therapy "Cancer Treatment."

Componenet level electronics, High Power RF Systems, and Jack of ALL Trades...

We accelerate electrons, slam them into a piece of Tungsten causing ionizing radiation which is then targeted to the tumor.

I couldn't imagine doing anything else...


Work on helicopters for Dept of the Army during the week and Crew Chief on them some weeknights/drill weekends (National Guard).


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Journeyman lineman. When they say "and then there was light" it was because I said so. Jk


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I run a plasma table for Alaska Steel. Most of my work is for the north slope oil field and some small general fab shops that do some cool projects like trucks choppers yadda yadda those are the fun jobs. And get to burn out whatever I want for myself too.