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what bars are you guys running for using a 26" wheel and rake?


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That would be good to know. Do you actually have to have special bars? Say if I went to a bigger wheel than my 21" could I still use my apes? Sorry for the hi-jack.


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I like BR handlebars. they make so many styles and he custom makes them to your specs. CHeck out there website. I have the street beaters by him and he mades them bend back and follow my fairing for my rake. That way there not in my lap. PLus you can get them in a 1.5 diam. there easy to run all internal with too unlike yaffe bars!


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Im running Santee bagger bars, I put them on last summer and I was a little worried about them being in my lap after I did the rake but they ended up being perfect.


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I have 10" Monkey Bars from Bagger Nation. You do not need special bars for a rake. You can use stock, apes, drag, etc etc.

I only went with 10" because I did not want them way up above the fairing. So far I have only sat on the bike with them and they seem to be pretty good. I may have wished I went with 12" but 10s have the look I wanted.


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I love the Alloy Art/Todds Cycle Bars on raked baggers, done at least a half dozen of them and everyone seems to love how they sit with the rake!