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What bagger gave you the bug????


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We all have that one bike that we couldnt get out of our head. You know the one, you saved it as your desktop background and looked at it every day and just dreamed about owning it!

For me it was my buddy Cameron Jurows Street Glide. He would send me pictures of what he was doing with his street glide. I was not really into baggers but followed his first bagger through its many face lifts. It wasn't long and I was hooked and addicted to this stuff!!:cool:


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I used to own some shit!
For me it was pretty much everything Sinister Industries has ever built...


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Not bein an ass kisser or anything but even though i much prefer the road glide, slothys street glide got me hooked.


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slothys streetglide/road glide is one of the sickest local bikes around my area...def a bad ass bike

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i bought mine in 1992 before baggers were cool, i was in my early 30's i had a softy standard at the time all my buds gave me flack about buying a geezerglide...once i started riding it there was no going back, in time all my buds saw the light..lol

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Thanks for the replies! Come on guys keep it going and post pics of the culprit ( bike ) that has made you spend all your hard earn money on that bike of yours lol.


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For me it was chad263's street glide I'm sure he'll be posting pics once he finished with his rebuild!


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In 99 I bought a Road King in my late 20's. Loved that bike, but sold it to have my first daughter. I saw Sinisters Gold Digger and had to have another bagger.


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I saw this bike at Sturgis this year and that was it. I had to have something very similar. I think it has some Sinister parts.



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I saw this bike at Sturgis this year and that was it. I had to have something very similar. I think it has some Sinister parts.

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Looks like a Sinister type bike. Also looks like he got caught in a hell of a storm!!

I like this idea for a thread. There are not too many 26"-30" bikes out there. I have never seen this bike and prob would have never come across it if you didnt post it. Thanks!


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Heh, yeah, nothing stays clean for very long in the Buffalo Chip campground at Sturgis... If I go again, I'll be staying in a hotel.


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this bagger i saw at sturgis

and of course slothy's and vrogs baggers...top notch work


Id say The baddad and sinister bikes. Sinister is more of the crazy oneoff bikes. Love there work. I love the Green lexani bike too tho. Baddad doesnt make anything crazy they just make the parts everyone wants.

OP, sorry that skull bike or whatever looks horrible. Just my .02


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I was at Street Vibrations in Reno back in 2003 and was walking the vendor booths. Sitting at an 81 support booth was a blacked out EG Standard with a set of 18" spokes f/r with red rims and hubs. The only other red on the bike was a bandanna that was sewn into the nose of the seat. I just stared at it and couldn't get the picture of it out of my head. I didn't have a camera with me, so it just got burned into my brain. Black powder coating wasn't quite as popular back then like it is today and I'd never seen a set of wheels like that. That bike really stood out.