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This is a list of all of the Vendors and Extreme Vendors who make it possible to keep ChoppedBaggers.com free of annoying ads!

Please try to use these shops for all of your Custom Bagger Parts and Services.

Extreme Vendors:

Audiowerks Custom Cycles www.awcycles.net [email protected] (978) 988-1444

Camtech Custom Baggers www.camtechcustom.com [email protected] (843) 760-1739

Drago's Bike Works www.dragosbikeworks.com [email protected] (815) 765-1790

Gauge LED Mods www.gaugeledmods.com [email protected]

GFDC www.gforcedesignconcepts.com [email protected] (717) 263-1994

Kewl Metal www.kewlmetal.com [email protected] (623) 298-7181

Native Custom Baggers www.nativecustombaggers.com [email protected] (269) 276-9200

Slick Customs www.slickcustoms.com [email protected] (708) 754-9488

Sumo-X www.sumo-xstore.com (320) 634-5596 [email protected]

True Kustom www.truekustom.com [email protected] (720) 389-9462

WanaRyd Wheels www.wanaryd.com [email protected] (888) 926-2793


AF Kustoms

Crazy Beavers Customs www.crazybeaverscustoms.com [email protected] (919) 879-6633

IFR License Frames www.ifrframes.com [email protected]

Legacy Baggers Grillz www.facebook.com/LegacyBaggers

Nasty Baggers www.nastybaggers.com [email protected] (800) 649-0884

Nautical Parts & Apparel www.nauticalcustoms.com [email protected] (530) 763-4708

Nu Image Components www.harleygauges.com [email protected] (951) 278-2467

Pickard USA www.pickardusa.com [email protected] (972) 231-1298

Precision Billet www.precisionbillet.co (480) 813-1833

Psychotic Air www.psychoticair.com [email protected] (630) 244-3150

Soundz Customz www.soundzinstall.com [email protected] (605) 274-3535

Thomason Performance www.thomasonperformance.com [email protected] (603) 661-4984

Tracecave Customs [email protected]

Wootens Race Werks [email protected] (817) 233-5448

Zee's Customs https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ze...c/188427309456
[email protected] (612) 363-5816
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I used to own some shit!
Updated the list....

Vendors, please review this list for accuracy.
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