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tweeter mod


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almost got the brackets done for my tweeters





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Why not just pull two small gauges and install tweeters in there spots? Not trying to say its wrong, but that tweeter in front of the speaker is going to block the sound coming out


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It's all pretty stiff yet.... You do have to take quite a bit of material out for the cup to sit in. Also cut off one of the flanges that tighten the cup to the fairing. I'm still debating on putting some epoxy on the back of the cups and inner. I'll probably just leave it who knows.. Dont mean to steal your thread but heres a few picts. A 2" whole saw, and a carbide air tool was all I used.




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To each his own..... FYI, to the RF amp guys - rated power drops to 60% of rated output after about 15 minutes of running when the amp heats up to its ridiculous running temp....


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I primarily use Arc Audio amps on everything we do. We have used other amps with great success, but some just do not make sense economically. Hawg-wired has a decent amp, its just almost double the money for their 2-channels, and the four channel is $600 more than the Arc KS125.4 that does fit in the fairing. If anyone needs info on mounting an Arc KS125.4 in the batwing, just contact me directly and I can get you info.


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Ok. Cool. Thanks guys. Not a huge stereo guy but thought about adding an amp this year to my j&m7.25 for the time being. I know there is better speakers out there but starting with the right amp is important now.

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