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True Kustom - World Class Custom Paint

True Kustom

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This is why we are here, well most of why.

We do world class custom paint.
Decades in the industry providing only the best in design and craftsmanship.
We stand behind our work with a lifetime guaranty.
Our staff is the best around, from bodywork and paint to the BEST airbrush work you can get.

Our state of the art Visual Design Process cant be beat. Sit down and have a chat with Josh about your ideas and let his imagination go. Working with photoshop he can take an image of your bike and build the paint job and most of you modifications before we even touch your bike. Not only the design process but pricing and time frame get handled.

Enough talk, go to the website and check it out.




I used to own some shit!
Very Impressive video indeed!!!

I highly recommend everyone take the time to watch that video. It really shows the ability of True Kustom!

Thanks Josh for sharing that with us.

True Kustom

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The chrome is airbrushed on.

I did this bike six years ago, I won the HD ride in show at Sturgis 2 or 3 times. I think Willy G took the hint. HD released a similar custom set this year.



I used to own some shit!
Wow!!! Talk about imitation! You did that SIX years ago and the HD set is nearly identical!!!