totaled the big green bagger :(:(

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I had geico when I got hit ,and they were fantastic. I got way more for my bike than I thought and every time I called for 6 months trying to settle my claim between 2 ins co. First thing they did was ask how I was healing up.I felt like a person not a number, IMO that's good customer service .
I have found out that they are more warred about the liability part then the coverage part.
I told them I don't really care about the one in the cage I am Trying to make sure that I am
Covered and taken care of.


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as bad as it seems at the time, metal can be replaced , you cant

good luck with it all and hope to hear your fit and well and have it all sorted



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well on the 15th of Dec. I had a lady help me total the big green badger out. She came out of a

Parking lot and across three lanes to complete this totally stupid act. I got t boned on the right side
Of the bike. I have three broken ankle bones and four broke toes. and crushed the bones in the top of my
Foot. The bike has a broke motor case and bent the frame in three places so that want to right
it up as a total . So III guise I will see what comes of all this next week. View attachment 16075View attachment 16076View attachment 16077

Well I'm back to work now and I am just about done with the new bagger. I got a new used one and started over with it. Will post pics soon this is the start of it


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