TK Tip of the day. "90% preparation 10% application"

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True Kustom

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Preparation is everything!!

First thing first, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Paint doesn't stick to grit and grime. For heavy grime, like under a rear fender on a bike that has been ridden hard and put away wet, use a decent de-greaser first. Orange cleaners work well and are pretty easy to get. Remember most heavy degreasers are petroleum based and will leave a oily film/ residue so this is only the first step.

There are two types of contaminants, Water based and Oil based, so one for each is really the best. We use PPG DX330 as our solvent based cleaner. I know not everyone can get that stuff so another option is necessary. 409 and Alcohol will do pretty well at getting damn near anything off.
For a water based cleaner right before paint we use SprayWay glass cleaner, a ton of it. This stuff rocks too and it can be purchased at most stores. I get mine at COSTCO 4 cans for $8. Better than any paint supply store.

Clean towels. Blue shop towels are pretty good. They are clean off the roll and not to expensive.
When wiping down a surface fold your towel into fourths. This gives you a four small clean towels in one. It is important not to muck up a towel and just continue to spread around the dirt. Check the surface and flip when it gets dirty. When we are ready to paint, I will use the folded towel and clean in a constant forward motion capturing any contaminants, not smearing back and forth.