TJD Design bags and fender, beware

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TJD Customs bags and fender, beware

Just thought I'd post a little warning about these bags. I bought them last winter, knowing full well that they would need lots of prep for paint because of the cost. But, I wanted something that everyone didn't have and was willing to put a little extra into them to be different without having to fully fab my own. Well, they sat for a few months before I could get around to doing some work to them. The fender definately looks stout enough to be sufficient with only some sanding and smoothing to make it usable. The problems I ran into involved the 2" wider, 4" deeper bags with the 6" x 9" cutouts for speakers. Can you say rough! The speaker indentations, while they were pretty oval, were not radiused at the top edge very well. Not a big problem and very fixable. The problems came in under light when I started working on the bag portion. I could clearly see where there was just resin over the gell coat and you could literally see through them, so there were no fibers holding it together. I also decided to take out their bondo in a couple areas to make a smoother stronger bag. They literally put bondo over 2 areas where the bags were broken, I guess from taking them out of the molds, but there were 2 broken areas in the fiberglass approximately 2" long! Custom paint over these things would not have lasted very long because they would have broken without a doubt. I wish I had taken pictures before I started, but didn't. I've decided to totally reinforce these bags using epoxy resin and mesh cloth so they will last. On a side note, I decided to bevel the bottoms like the Ness bags because I drug the extended bags on my King enough to screw up the paint on several occasions. These are still a work in progress and I don't expect them to be done until fall some time, but I wanted to get it out there that if anyone else thinks they want to be unique or cheap by going with this company, do so knowing that these aren't for the folks that want something plug and play!
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I will second this whole post. their bags are junk and their fender is half junk. you couldnt pay me to put these on my next ride. Im literally scared to drill into my bags to mount up my mounting hardware because I have a bad feeling that they are gonna just fall apart. Im laying that part off until my last step haha

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