"THE SUPERBAGGER" True Kustom uncut 26 bike

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True Kustom

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Englewood, Colorado, United States
All Body panels built By True Kustom except front fender which is a FAtKatz. Glendyne 26 front wheel, 9 degree trees and some crafty fork building. True Kustom "Speed bars" handlebars, True Kustom "Heavyweights" saddlebags, True Kustom G2 rear fender with flush custom light, True Kustom "LEan and MEan" body kit and seatpan, True Kustom "Neck Covers" paintabel neck/frame covers. True Kustom "Hawk" front fairing. All my parts "BOLT ON" no gluing on tanks or fairing skins. Design and Airbrush work by Josh Bourassa. Paint and assembly by Josh and the True Kustom crew.


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