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being on a tropical island we get a lot of salt mist all over our bikes. Rust/corrosion sets in rather quickly if not detaied frequently. Those of you in salty climates, what are your favorite products/methods to keep the effects of salt to a minimum?

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I use the meguiars gold class car wash soap when I do a 'full' type wash on it and hit everything with a nice soft mit. On the rear wheel area, I have tried the S-100, but not really impressed with it. However, on other bikes, I have used it and it really gets the heavy grim and build up off. I guess I never let the grim build up on the Harley good enough for the S-100 to do its real magic? Then I like to use the leaf blower to get the water off and use a microfiber towel for any water spots with meguiars gold class quik wax. Most of the time my bike stays pretty clean, however being midnight pearl, there is always dust on it when it sits a bit so I hit it with the ol' California car duster and then meguiars ultimate quik detailer. I have been impressed with the synthetic wax results.....