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Got my Valentines present yesterday in the mail from my Ole' Lady. Told her it was perfectly fine it was a couple days late!!

Thanks for the order Marc! Ready to wear this thing to Easyriders Columbus this weekend!


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Please make a blue version of these!!! I'm all in if you had some, gonna get the bag tethers...thats the only blue available

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Okay, now I feel like a dumbass... Thanks buddy! lol
No, don't because I barely recognized it too, only after looking at it for a minute.

I'm not sure how that all works, if there's an expiration on that link, or if there's just an issue with the site. I know absolutely nothing about how that all works. I just check the forum for new posts pretty much daily, and at first I thought, "How did I miss this?", then I noticed the original post was much older.

I guess a lot of guys search a little bit differently when they visit the forum. But when I come here, I just click on "New Posts" at the top left of the home page, and that takes me to a page that lists all the new posts, that I haven't yet seen, on this computer.

After I hit the enter button on this reply, I went to the top of the page and clicked on "ChoppedBaggers.com Store", and it looks like that link isn't working either. So maybe there's a legitimate problem with the site. I se Marc posted above too, so I'm guessing he's aware of it and looking into it.

By the way... thanks Marc for keeping this forum open, it's a huge resource for all things related to our bikes! I can only imagine how much time it takes to deal with this stuff and everything else you've got going on.
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Okay, now I feel better...lol
I tried the actual Store link off of the main page and NoGo.


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I noticed yesterday that several photos were not showing up too....... Maybe there was some maintenance going on with the site?

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