Support True Kustom on facebook so he can get a grant!!!

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This if from his facebook. He is a site vender and supporter so lets support him!!

True Kustom has applied for a grant worth $250,000.00. This grant would take care of our debts, our employees and the rising cost of materials. It would also allow us to give affordable rates to our customers, creating more of True Kustom's amazing art and customization products. I can only gather votes on Facebook so please attend this event and place your vote for us. The competition is huge but I know that once we 'quailify' for our application to be reviewed by the judges they will see our potential & dedication. We must reach 250 votes in less than 9 days, I only need 161 votes. Rules say Im not allowed to give anything away in return for your votes but if we know that you voted you will get something! Thank you for all of your support!

Look up True Kustom Sheridan, CO

Thank You!

True Kustom

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Englewood, Colorado, United States
Holy shit fellas! I had no idea this got pushed through here like this. Thanks a fuckin million, I am stoked. We got all our votes and are getting set up for the next phase. Any of you want some of our parts or paint Ill knock off $100.

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