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SUAVE- One member with CLASS!


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A few weeks back Suave put up a 23" Southern wheel w rotors, tire, fender for sale on this forum. I told my friend about it and he jumped on it. It was a great deal.

I received the wheel, all packaged well. But I noticed the left side bearing fell right out. I didn't think much of it at the time. The wheel has sat in my garage since then. I stopped by a local HD shop 2 days ago and I have a friend who's a mechanic there. I mentioned the bearing. He told me it shouldn't be able to come out at all and I should see about having a new one pressed in. He also mentioned that the hub could be bad if it doesn't hold a new bearing. I thought, great,I found this deal for my buddy and now I felt obliged to make it right.

First, I called Southern. I explained to them the situation and they told me to send them the hub and they would press in a new bearing. I figured the shipping there would be cheaper than any labor/bearing at a local shop. I then contacted Suave to see if he knew about the bearing. He said he did, but was told by a couple guys it was ok as long as the spacers fit snug. I told him, to be safe, I'll send it back.

The stand up guy that Ricco is, he offered to Paypal me $50 to cover shipping both ways. I thought wow, what a great guy. I told him there's now way it would cost that much. I told him it was gonna be $11 each way, max. He Paypal'd me $25. Again, wow!

Bro, your awesome, and I wanted to share a story about a good dude. I also wanted to make sure your good deed didn't go unnoticed. Now hopefully Southern takes care of their end. Seeing that I've ordered my front wheel from them and my friend ordered the matching rear to this one, I believe they will.

Thanks again Ricco.


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Good to know that their are still good people out there and people can become friends through forums even though most of us will never meet face to face


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Hey man no problem! Like I said I felt bad cause of shipping you this unnoticed. I believe in karma man. And I know how it feels to be on the other end of the stick. Hope all turns out well!


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Yeah he's alright I guess, haha. Ricco is a pretty stand up guy, I have known Ricco for several years now and my opinion hasn't changed.

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