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Stupid Ape hanger wiring


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Hey guys,
I'm putting Prime Apes on my 09 FLHX and the wiring part of it sucks. I got the left side done no problem. On the throttle side I got them pulled through but one of my solders broke. When pulling it back out the TBW wires came out of the connector. It didn't seem like a big deal, but then I noticed the wires arent red to red black to black etc. So far I have
blkto blk
grey to blk
purple to white
ltpurple to red
brown to red
blue to white

The only thing I'm wondering is does it matter which black or red or white i wire the initial leads to? I've searched my manual and nothing, so hoping any help you guys have will get me over it.



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I would Maybe take the wires out of the bars again and start all over. Make sure you match the male and female connector with the right color wires leading to the rear slot. Make sure the extensions is connected really good.


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Big daddy if you dont have an answer by the end of the day, i will send you the correct color. i am in my office and away from my shop.but i do have the schematics.plus make sure you heat shrink the TBW green connector together.alternate your wiring splices so when you pul them thru they wont bunch up at the turns.


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I found a kit that harley sells that gives you the switches and 5 feet of wire for really cheap, $115 at dealer, $30 on ebay. Anyway, 1 of the wires did not match anything in the book or what I had already on there, so it can happen I guess, just don't know how.


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Ok Big daddy here you go.tbw are in a blk and yellow sleeve.

Wire from the blk sleeve go in 1,2 3
1 blk
2 white
3 red
Yellow sleeve
4 blk
5 white
6 red

Ok following. Next
Blue goes into white- black sleeve
Black goes into black white sleeve
Brown goes into red wire black sleeve
Red goes into red wire yellow sleeve
Purple goes into white wire yellow sleeve
Grey goes into black wire from yellow sleeve

There you have it complete.