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street glide inner fairing and main support brackets


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I need a new inner fairing and brackets. I had something but it fell through. Anyone doing a Rg conversion? I need one in nice shape as I am not looking to paint it. Thanks.


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I think I saw a new take off on HDForums for $150 recently.

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One of THE 150!
I had one on eBay from a 2010 with all weather stripping, grommets, mirrors, and brackets with like 5k on it for $175 shipped....I blew that one. It would be nice to buy the whole thing all together I guess.
I'll have one off my 07 SG in about 3 weeks. Just the inner and switch cap. Let me know if your intrested and we'll work out a deal.


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i got one thats like new.just the inner fairing. has the mirror holes and the matching ignition cover.very very good condition.give me an offer