Stopping by to say hi from Michgan.....

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Stopping in to say hi from West Michigan. Recently sold my custom 2007 Road King Custom and bought a new 2012 Road Glide Custom - black denim. The project started in February and I’m still working on it. Ordered the Rampage wheel from WanaRyd 2 months ago, and still waiting on that which is a little frustrating since we've had such nice weather up here in Michigan the last month or so. Here's a few of the mods:

• 21" Rampage Sturgis Modified wheel
• Kendal Johnston Front Fender
• Powder Coating gloss black - all chrome
• FBI's Crash Bar Eliminator
• CamTech Chin spoiler
• Painted inner fairing
• Bike Wrap with Gloss black graphics
• hydro dipped the glove box doors and speedo carbon fiber
• Exhaust – Paul Yaffe 2 into 1 Phantom Exhaust pipe
• Paul Yaffe – Stealth license Plate Frame
• LaPera Solo Villain seat with alligator inlay
• Saddle Bag Extensions – Cycle Smith
• Paul Yaffe 14†Monkey bars
• Rear lowering kit 3"
• Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather
• Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather filter
• Harley Davidson Throttle Body cover
• Boom Audio I-pod interface
• Harley Davidson Head Bolt Bridge
• Harley Davidson Push Button Gas Tank
• Harley Davidson 4 –point Docking Hardware
• HD Tribal Grips
• HD Tribal Brake Pedal
• HD Tribal Shifter Peg
• HD Tribal foot board insert
• HD Tribal Foot pegs
• HD Security system
• HD Pro race Tuner
• HD Boom Fairing Antenna
• HD Left Bag Lid (for speakers)
• HD Right Bag Lid (for speakers)
• HD Boom Audio Saddle Bag Speaker Kit
• HD Boom Audio Amp
• HD J&M Faring Speakers 140W
• HD Black Console Insert
• HD Front Lowering Kit
• HD Axle Nut Cover Kit Black
• Complete CVO Rear Fender Parts
• Primed Rear Fender
• Primed Rear Fender Fascia
• Left Tail Light Assembley



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Glad to have you! Let's see some pics!!!

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can we make it a requirement that all newbies have to include a pic? All those mods and he isnt offering a pic... this is terrible... where the heck are the pics, especially of the camtech chin spoiler!


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Hey Guy's I would love to post some pics when the bike is done!!! I'm thinking another 3 weeks or so.....

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