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So what are you waiting for???


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Just thought I would pass some time since all I can do is stare at my unfinished bike. Its driving me nuts that we are having 80* weather in March in Chicago and my bike is still not together!

So I figure why not have a thread about what parts we are waiting on to finish our bikes!

Here is my list....All ordered but waiting on shipping or to be made.

26" FL style fender
HHI 2" fork tube extensions
Arc 125.4 amp
Focal V-30 component set
Focal PC690 6x9's
Pingel 2" shortened kick stand
Klock Werks gas tank dash
Chrome inner primary
Air solenoids for my air ride system

Then I have to assemble it all, then disassemble, paint, and then get it dyno tuned.....


One of THE 150!
i feel your pain!!!! my bags,lids,rear fender, side panals will be here this friday then mock up and off to paint


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dont even have a seat yet, not even sure what i want!! i;ll ride with a pillow if i have to lol


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My bike didnt even roll for almost a month and a half! I sold my front wheel and had to wait on the new one to come!


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The nice weather here had me calling people every day to get things moving. Got mine rolling but its kind of embarrassing to park anywhere public with my hacked-up FBI seat. Camtech seat should be here any day now...


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My RG is already at AF Kustoms for surgery. While there, I'm waiting for:

Chupa CVO rear fender
Ness Big Bags
23" Southern Dos Reis wheel and rotors
More money.....haha.


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26" paramount cut-contrast
Pm heel toe, brake ,grips, bag latch covers, passenger foot pegs
Cycle smiths black 19" banana boards
B-cool 26" wrap
American suspension smooth legs in black single sided brake set up
Seat to get back from Guy upholstery

All should be in by next week.... Hopefully!


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Waiting on camtech body kit and seat, fbi drop frame, yaffe dash, yaffe crash bar elimanitor, and yaffe windsheid trim. All has been order and just got the tracking number on the frame, It's been in the 70's here in Michigan good thing my buddies and father are nice and let me borrow their bikes but it's still not the same.


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Just waiting on the painter, he is doing all the fab. Completion was to be April its just painful that its 80 in March lol.


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Sinister corrupt fairing
Camtech chin spoiler
Flush mount LEDs
stretched bags from the Islands
Stretched tank, dash, flush cap from California Baggers
Custom floorboards
custom fender spacers
6x9s havent decided on a brand
custom exhaust from powdercoater


One of THE 150!
Oops, I forgot to add....I am also waiting for a Camtech chin spoiler.

I have so much stuff on order it seems like that I almost cant even remeber what is supposed to be coming and when!


One of THE 150!
I'm with Bill , my list is so long it it embarrassing. It looks pretty bad....only a frame, tranny, and inner primary. I did just drop off parts for powder coat and have my cracked swing ARM welded. Old ass junk! I am still holding out to get it finished by the end of April.

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