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Anyone have any pics or at least some input on the big smoothie wheels from Native? I would like to see a pic of a 26 on a road glide...

I assume they would be pretty heavy wheels, but I think I like the look.

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Thomason Performance

That's bob cross. He has one of my smooth rear wheels under there as well. He says he loves the front and doesn't really notice the weight and it runs smooth. I've been bugging him to let me chop it up but he's too happy with it. If you're looking for one let me know.

Thomason Performance

Price on a 30 smoothly? Or would that be too heavy?

I don't know what the weight will be so I can't say how heavy it will be but it won't be light. I'm not going to recommend going that route, but once they are ready I'll let you know the weight. I'm guessing close to 100 lbs without the hubs or tire.

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