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Skid Plates???


One of THE 150!
You all that have been running ex bags do you have them or dont bother. I see Milw. Bagger sells em for caugh caugh 80 bucks.


One of THE 150!
There worth it I ruined a set of bags from dragging them all the time. its easy to drag them when your screwing off riding with your buddys


Up in da one fiddy...
I'll have to have something. I know how I get up in the twisties... I've been wandering how those old style curb-feelers would work? I'd probably pee a little every time they hit


One of the reasons i ordered the Viper bags from Top Shop there are beveled on the bottom to increase ground clearence. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet


One of THE 150!
I plan on getting extended bags soon, and was wondering about this subject, seems the skid plates are just metal, and not very fancy, so why the high cost? I may try to find somebody with some, and unless it's complicated I'll probally take measurements and build them myself.


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Why not just attach some titanium blacks to the back. You'll save the bags and throw some sparks at the same time. Now that is showing off!

TraceCave Customs

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I have 4ea 1" x 3" x 12" long titanium bars. Guess I could saw them up and put some drilled and countersunk holes in them to rivet or bolt to our bags.


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Damn, should have kept it to myself and done a video. I'm still painting my tins, but will try it once I get it all back together. Time to extend the bags I guess.

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