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Sold/Expired Sinister Up Yours Exhaust and Danny Gray Weekday 2-Up XL/ skull stitching for sale

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Gary H.

One of THE 150!
Selling my Sinister Up Your exhaust. Might have 350 miles on it. Wifey dislikes it, too loud when cruising at 80, so it's gotta go. Bottom dollar: $1,050 shipped in the lower 48


I also have a Danny Gray Weekday 2-Up XL that she dislikes because its too hard. This seat will sit you back about 1 1/2" and down about an inch. Maybe just a tad more. Bottom dollar: $300 shipped to the lower 48. No nicks, scratches, or scuffs. Basically, like new in the factory box.



Like they say, if momma isn't happy, no body is. I'm giving her these 2 items in return for other things. ;-) I can be contacted at [email protected]
Not open for further replies.

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