Sinister Industries Bad-Ass Bagger Contest

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Just in case some of you guys weren't aware, Sinister is having their own monthly contest and since there are a number of people sporting their parts here is another way to show off your creations. Below are the details.

IT’S ON …………

John Shope wants to see how Sinister parts make your bike Bad Ass. We are having a contest each month to see who has built the Baddest Bagger with Sinister parts on it. Each month a winner will receive a Sinister Shop Coat and be showcased on our home page to show your bike off. At the end of the year we will have all 12 winning bikes compete on our website for the Baddest Bagger. The winner of the year end competition will receive a $1000.00 Sinister gift card and Bragging Rights. To enter just send in a few pictures of your Bad Ass Bagger and a description of your bike and include what Sinister parts are on your bagger. Please have your Bad Ass Bagger’s pictures sent in before the 25th of each month to have it entered in the following months contest.

Good luck to all of our contestants and may the Baddest Bagger win.

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