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Sinister 3D Tail lights In Bad Dad fender Cover!


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Are they just mounted on top with a small hole for the wires? Looks good in the pic, how bright are they?


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I love those lights, they were in my original plan. I purchased a Ness Down n Out fender & the filler panles are 20" long on the exhaust side! I think they'll look too small in my filler panels.

looks nice but i like the flush mount better http://www.flickr.com/photos/mslater741/6441205475/

So I'm going with these 8" LED's from Native. They'll be black to blend in when the bike is off & red when functioning. At least that's the plan lol.


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They mount just like all the other sinister lights. You drill two holes, top, bottom and slot in middle for leds and bolt the lense and top plate on outside and two studs go through said holes and into the led light box on backside. Yes they are bright, fender, bags at paint shop now will post more pics when all done. If only the 26" would show up.


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I love these lights since you don't have to do any special body work to run them. Looks good!


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Ok just how talented of a body man do you have to mount the flush lights? Im pretty handy but I'm no body man. I can basecoat/clearcoat, know my way around a can/tube of filler but I dont want to ruin a perfectly good bad dad fender!