Single side lower legs?

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Where can i get and which ones are good.... looking to do single side brake black front end (lowers)...does Harley make these?? would like the hidden axle set up..thx

WanaRyd Wheels

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Charleston, South Carolina
We offer American Suspension Smooth Chrome and Black Lower Legs in stock - These are not the cheap exchange lower legs like you will see everywhere else for sale. These are Billet aluminum and Chromed to perfection and include a true hidden axle, it slides through the left side and bolts into the right.These Legs will fit any 2000 and later Harley Davidson including Touring FLH models.

Great for Single disk conversions or just wanting to spice up the front of your Harley and achieve the hidden Axle look.

PM me and I am more than happy to cut you a deal.

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