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Screamin' Eagle Gauges & Bagger Muzik


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Recently took my white face gauges out and installed Screamin' Eagle Gauges. Also installed a Alpine CDA-9887 headunit, Alpine Adjustable Crossover, Alpine PDX 4.150 amp, 5.25 Hogtunes 2-way speakers in fairing, 4 Pioneer 6x9 Yellow Cone Speakers in the bags. Its clear, distortion free and bass-eee when I need it to be...iPad fairing coming in the spring...


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@ Stone King I like clarity and crispness in my muzik with being able to understand the words of what I might be listening to.
@ outstanding 1 thnx
@ dbell66253 no need for bigger speakers sometimes bigger isnt better this is one of those cases ( -: plus I have an iPad fairing on order ( -:


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Sweet set up! I just couldn't bring myself to fill up the bags with speakers. I like to take trips, otherwise I might.


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:courage:TDSG, the dealer I bought my bike from is starting to sell custom bikes, they had an SG with the iPad, you're going to have a really nice set up.


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I will post pics when the iPad fairing has been completed. @ Classic$98 I don't take long trips and ride mainly close to my home with club buddys and others plus I have my razor tour pack to toss things into ( -:

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