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Saddlebag extensions


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I'm getting ready to paint my bags, but would like to give them the extended look. Anyone have a certain brand that they have used and liked as far as extensions go? I've seen on ebay the kind that are screwed on and the others that are bonded on. Any of these good?

Was thinking about just buying extended bags, but since I'm on disability right now, I don't have the money for a good set unless someone knows where to get a set on the cheap. Could spend up to about $350 for a set of bottoms right now, but thinking that if found in this price range probably not good quality, Right?

So question is should I wait until I can afford the extended bags or get some screw on or bond on extensions?


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I would get the extensions if you are on a budget. You can always sell the bags with extension later for the true deep bags. It's a matter of how much you can afford and since you're on disability, I think the extensions are a wise move if you want the look that kills! BadDad is good, talk to Jacob, tell em Noel sent you!!!!!
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