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Road King rear wheel install


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First time doing this. As soon as I start to torque the axle nut down to the first torque the cam plate on the right side moves no matter what I do. I am doing something wrong here? I'm not looking at my manual right now, but I believe it said to do the first torque in the air and second torque on ground.


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Put some antisieze or grease between the nut and the cam plate. That will help keep the cam plate from moving.

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Thanks Bill I'll try that.

DAPERFORMANCE I'm sure I did, but I will definitely check tomorrow and make sure.


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Like DA said, make sure you didn't get it wrong or forget a spacer. Last time I changed out my rear wheel the left side spacer got lost somewhere on the floor and we forgot it. Took a day for me to realize where the grinding noise was coming from and why the bike was walking side to side. When putting it together we noticed how the axle wouldn't tighten up and kept moving like you are describing, but didn't think much about it. Since then we wait till after the job is done before we break open the bottles.


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Thanks guys, I did re-check the spacers and they are in and correct, but didn't have time today to do the anti seize, because I'm trying to do a re-build on my '65 Cadillac so hopefully get to it soon.

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