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Remote air ride


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Anyone wired their air ride on remote on here? What kit did you go go and where can I find it? Anyone have a wiring diagram also? Thanks in advance.


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I have.get a four channel remote from ebay.power up one side of the remote with ground and power wire from battery.15amp inline fuse.then connect the auxilary ports to the compressor and dump valve.push remote to raise then push the other button to dump.real easy.


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I shave doors all the time on Cadillacs, so I guess I will try a 4 channel autoloc kit I have laying around and see what happens. Should work, what do you think? Could also use it to turn on other crap if I wanted to then.


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Awesome! I might have to do that...

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AF Kustoms

avs in fresno ca. has any kind of remote you want. air, lights, linear actuators, 12 functions off one remote.


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Which remote would I get if I want to control front and rear air ride and then possible ad something else on the remote later. Not an electronics geek but I can do the work. I want to get one coming.