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Rear tire/wheel question

Wanna Ride

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Been pretty busy with work lately, so I haven't been online very much recently.

Anyways, I'm looking to possibly replace my stock, rear wheel with the matching PM Gasser that I've had on the front for a couple years now. My question is... stay with the stock size, or go wth the 18"? What's the advantages/disadvantages?

Just in case someone forgot or doesn't know... it's an '08 FLHX. I know, I know - the site has a wheel sponsor and I'd love to use their stuff, but I'm only looking to match my pre-existing front wheel. And I'm not interested in spending tons of dough to upgrade to a wider, late-model style rear-end, or a newer bike.

If you guys can offer up the hard facts about going from a 16" to an 18" rear wheel (i.e.- ride quality, handling, etc.), then I'd love to hear what you have to say.


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On my build I am staying with the stock 16. When I let the air out she sits on the ground. Cholo style.i have the same year.i don't think you will notice much of a ride difference like diving etc.


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18- less sidewall. Looks better, better handling
16- more sidewall, doesn't look as good IMO. But more rubber gives a softer ride, sacrifice handling.

If PM offers a 17 in the Gasser, that could be a happy median.

Unless, you've stretched bags and/or lowered, I'd go 17 or 18, depending on what's offered.


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you dont want to run a 18" rear wheel with the 6 speed trans (07 and up) run a 17" rear wheel. 06 and down the 18" works well


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I've ran both with a 21"front, low profile harley air shocks and stock fork springs. 150-70-18 Metz. has a larger overall dia. than stock 16". IMO I like the stance and handling of the 16" better. Seams that cornering and balanced is sacrificed with the 18". If I had the oppertunity I would sell my 18" RC Czar and go with a 16" Czar.

Wanna Ride

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After weighing it all out, I made my decision and went with the 18"x 4.25" and the 150/70-18 rear tire. I also went ahead and ordered my new 6-piston front caliper too.

Got it all from WanaRyd, David cut me a pretty good deal.

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