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Rear air ride question


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I just put the Arnott system on my Road King and was wondering if anyone has used a lowering kit with an air ride setup to get lower? I like how it looks, but would look even better if it was a little lower.


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I was thinking I am going to do this. Just have to make sure wiring doesn't get pinched or caught when you are setting the fender on top of the tire!


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I have it also. There is room when you are aired all the way down. The wire harness hangs on the right side of the fender with double back tape.when I lower mine on the stops I have 1" of clearence between the fender and tire.

Just can't ride with it all the way down. But looks cool as hell when lowered.


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I have Sinister lowering blocks and things bind up metal-to-metal with the Arnott Alden shock, even with 3/8" of spacers installed. Might be okay when parked but I wouldn't want to ride it that way. The thought of something going wrong at 80mph because I didn't think a particular mod all the way through has been keeping me up at nights lately. The curse of being an engineer...


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Well, I have the bilsteins. Maybe I'll try it while the bike is still all apart.

So what is the best lowering block set to try out?

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all the lowering block are the same idea. just know u will have to ride with your bike up. Or there go's all your wiring and maybe your paint too. We set up a guy with blocks and air ride and decide he wanted to show off while riding so it cost him a new harness and paint.


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I had the Arnott Bilstiens and Pingel's lowering kit. All the way down it would hit the fender. Couldnt even think about moving the bike with it down. I took them off because potential shock failure would leave me stranded.


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You still have the lowering kit and want to sell it? I want to try it, but don't want to buy an expensive kit just in case.

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