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Ran into a snag with an Extreme Vendor....


I used to own some shit!
I am sure you all have noticed the 10 Extreme Vendor Forums, and some have asked how many of these forums I was going to allow...

The answer is 10 "we have 10 currently," however I ran into a problem due to an error caused by our infamous USPS...

One of the Shops who wanted to support ChoppedBaggers.com from the start mailed a check to pay for their subscription. Quite some time had gone by so eventually I chocked it up to them not being serious and allowed a different shop to fill that slot.

What I didn't know was the check had been sent, lost in the mail, and they were patiently waiting for me to cash it. :(

The point is... I had promised them an Extreme Vendor Forum and I intend to keep my word. This year there will be 11 Extreme Vendors and I am sorry if this causes anyone any grief, especially other Vendors.

This was not an easy decision for me to make and I hope you all understand that I am just trying to do what I told them I would do...

Just keeping you guys in the loop!


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Sounds like the only stand up thing to do. Course I've always heard that the 11th vendor ALWAYS gives 50% off discounts, right? Or is it the Baker's Dozen? LOL. Good job Bill.