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Preferred method for posting pics


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Should we host pictures somewhere else like photobucket and use URLs to upload? Does one method use less server space/bandwidth over the other?


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I use photobucket as well, nice to have them all in one place, and easy to post


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Ok. I got a few photos on Photobucket. Now I'm having no luck getting em over to this site. If I use Directlink, I get "file too big". If I use HTML or IMG link, I get invalid file. I'm sure I'm doin something screwy. I uploaded from my iPhone and iPad to Photobucket.


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When using photobucket I always use the IMG link. If your having trouble just host them right on this site, so far I don't forsee any server space issues and it gauruntees that the photos will always be here.

The biggest problem with photobucket or other image hosting servers is if anything ever happens to your account or you move the pic the link will no longer work.


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Testing... "seems to be working"