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Posting about other forums...


I used to own some shit!
Hey guys please do me a favor and don't post any more threads about what you dislike on other forums...

If you have something to say good or bad about this forum feel free to let us all know. Or if there is a site you have found extremely helpful feel free to post it in the "Websites we like" section.

All threads bashing other forums or threads that could be perceived as bashing have been deleted. It doesn't add any valuable content to the site and usually stirs up drama.

I will admit my views have significantly changed on this topic since I started www.choppedbaggers.com. This request comes from my sincere desire to see ChoppedBaggers.com be the best Custom Bagger site the world has ever seen.

I hope you all understand...

And PLEASE do not take this personal, this is not about any one person. It is about what is best for the site overall.

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