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Pics of your ChoppedBaggers.com Swag


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If you have a pic showing off your shirt, decal, or sticker please post it here.:1:


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bill thanx for the shirt an the hoody,jus got them in look awsome, ill get some pics of them soon.heres a pic representing ,mind the drty truck the weather here has been messed up latley ,,,


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Representing in Jackson Ms at the St Patricks day parade. I was the only one wearing black out of 40,000 people!


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Been on there for a while, finally had a camera in my hand when I was near it..



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Come on CB crew! Coolerman and I put our mugs up here! The Bureau of Homeland Security isn't gonna associate the username with your picture for at least four years! Post some pics of those flavor-savors!


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Saturday I took first place at the Hereford TX bike rally in the touring division. Had my chopped baggers shirt on all day (although its hard to see in this pic) so I did a lot of advertising :)



I used to own some shit!
Congratulations Bro!

And thanks for pimping the ChoppedBaggers.com shirt!