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Love the color! What body parts did you use?

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Thanks guys! This is actually a bike that came in for a complete front to back, top to bottom re build. I know it is the RWD gas tank, we installed the sinister side covers, we are running a B Cool wrap front fender. I am not sure who's bags and rear fender cover it is. It is all House of Kolor Kandy and Flake. Should be finished up in the next day or so, i will post full pics then!


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Where are you guys located? I like what I see so far and am looking for someone to help me bring my vivid blk RGC to life.

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Off the shelf HoK from what I was told by the painter! i sent ya a message back webmaster! I am glad everyone digs it, i will post pics as soon as it gets pulled off the lift, it looks crazy in the sun! Chi_Town, we are in Minneapolis, MN. any questions you may have, ask away! any way I can help I am more than happy!

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