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NorthEast Motorcycle Expos


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Figured I would share to those interested. First show is this weekend located in Providence RI. For information and show schedule visit the link. www.kevmarv.com

Shows include the following locations:

Boston, MA
Salem, NH
Hartford, CT
Wilmington, MA

Of course Providence RI which I already mentioned above and is this coming weekend.

Wanna Ride

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About 5-6 years ago I went to a bike show in Hartford (about 5 miles north of downtown) in late-January/early-February. Maybe it was this one? It was ok, I guess. Good way to kill an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon, when it's too cold to ride.


One of THE 150!
Ya, they are nothing special. Then again, I cant really say any bike show is anything great. Something bike related to do in the off season. I will most likely be entering my hard tail in one of the shows, not sure which one yet.


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come check out the audiowerks tent in boston to see some sick baggers and there audio you wont be dissapointed

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