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Nominations for January Most Informative Thread


""The Chopped Baggers Guy""

post up who you think should be in this contest

Ok... the rules are you must be a supporting member, you must be nominated into the poll. The threads must contain great details and good pictures... They can be anything dealing with Baggers.... The poll is voted on just like the Bagger of the Month.

Nominations will take place on January 11-15


""The Chopped Baggers Guy""
Actually only two informative threads. By the same guy. So the winner is WhiteGoldSG...

This isn't good having only two entries and by the same guy!

Thanks WhiteGoldSG for your threads, both are AWESOME!! Hit me up at [email protected]


Well-Known Member
AWESOME!! I never win shit! This is great!! Reading this just cured my killer hangover...kind of! Email sent

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