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Newbie from southern Maine

I have been reading a bunch and decided to join. I have a 2005 RKC that looks more like a street glide these days. I have been running a 21" for a few years now. In prep for spring the bike is getting some upgrades this winter, which included the stock tank was expanded to 6.9 gallons, new rear Native Customs rear fender with filler panels, new wrapper style front fender, and a full paint job. I should be getting the bike back from paint this week.

Looking forward to watch the growth of this forum and more chopped projects (maybe my own someday).



I used to own some shit!
Glad to have you! I am warning you now... Hang on to your wallet!!!


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I should be getting the bike back from paint this week.

Only to go get your frame cut & install a bigger front wheel, if you keep reading posts on this forum!

Welcome to the forums! Let the spending begin!

Welcome from NY

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Thanks for the welcomes. Funny, already had the thought that it would be just the front fender to paint if I did indeed chop. Here are a couple pictures of test fitting prior to paint. I will start a new thread when I get the paint back.

Widened tank

Wrapper front fender

Native customs rear fender


Nautical Customs

welcome from california let us know if there is something you may need. Nice Bike