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NEWB from Virginia Beach


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Found this forum through a local friend...awesome place! 29 yrs old bought my first Softail at 17 and all hell broke loose lol. Have had a variety of harleys and customs throughout the years, at this point am selling a Pro Street I built and currently doing an 08 SG... Look forward to meeting/chatting with you guys! IMG_0426.jpg


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Looks like you're already spending coin...you'll fit right in here!
Great place here...Welcome from NY

Tap that sh@#!


I used to own some shit!
Welcome to the site! Be sure to start a build thread and show us what your cooking!

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Thanks guys... I actually do all of my work at my best friends bike shop he just opened due to the fact my lift and tools are all there, lol...the rocker is one he did a bunch of work to like AS front end, PM wheels, paint etc...want a strecth tank now and repaint. I have more pics let me see if I can get them up here...



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Thanks to all. What's up Dave.. Yeah after I talked to u I found this site. Pretty cool so far thanks bro