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New Yaffe One inch extension for rake kits!


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Ok guys I ordered my rake kit from yaffe today for my 26". Should be here thursday or friday. My question is Paul yaffe himself told me that they have new extensions that are 1 inch so you dont have to add the 2" tubes and then lower 1" with springs. I ordered them with the kit at $109.95 so does anyone have them or seen them? His exact words were "trust me" they work. Told me they screw in the fork tubes.

I will post pics when they get here!


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I've dealth with extensions like this before. What it looks like is a chucnk of fork tube, with a threaded nipple that screws in on one end, and the other is female threaded for the top nut.

Threadlocker is a good idea on the threads.



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I was on the phone with HHI today talking about trees and fork lengths today. They told me about pretty much the same thing. It sounds like its a longer extension that is typically included in the tree kit. He said they had them in 2" and 3"


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Rake kit.jpgYaffe Spacer.jpg guys got the rake kit yesterday and the new one inch spacers, yaffe says this take place of the 2" tubes and 1" lower springs. Getting started this weekend, tore the bike down today, cant wait to see this thing transform. Yaffe spacer on the right, the one with the tree kit is on the left.


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Will do...Cant wait to see the end result...Ups says my wheel will be here wednesday...Thank god....I cant wait..


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The smt sinister contrast cut! I bought it off ebay for $1450 with tire...Brand new... Ive always liked this wheel, i was gonna order one from them but this one came up and no wait time... it will match my exhaust tips, bag latches, We chopped and drilled my levers, passenger foot pegs, shifters, and brake arm...I will post pics have them all blasted and ready for powder coat..


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The yaffe kit must be made by hhi... It's identical..

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I just saw that on hhi web site. Finally got my 26 on and now need to take back apart to raise it an inch.

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